Changing Dynamics of Nihon-Indo Diplomatic Ties :

From Shinzo Abe to Yoshihide Suga


  • Ashutosh Kumar O P Jindal Global University, India.



The geopolitical scenario in the Indo-Pacific2 region is changing rapidly. India, Japan and other oceanic states are facing new multidimensional challenges manifested in the unpeaceful3 rise of China. In this shadow, India-Japan ties have witnessed unprecedented growth in the last decade. Outgoing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his counterpart in India have been instrumental for India-Japan bilateral relations taking a dramatic leap forward. Abe's visionary approach recognised India's strategic importance, as he worked tirelessly to take the relations to its new heights with his personal chemistry with the Indian Prime Minister. His proactive policy transformed South Block's expectations of Japan as a strong, influential and dependable partner in East Asia. Yoshihide Suga has succeeded Shinzo Abe as Japanese Prime minister. The initial days of Suga's foreign policy began by prioritising Vietnam, the USA and Australia, pointing out a different approach to Japan's foreign policy. Suga's political commitment to foreign affairs is secondary to the focus on domestic issues. The article is a comparative study of the foreign policy approaches of two Japanese Prime Ministers Abe and Suga towards India. In view of Abe's accomplishments, it is natural that India might be concerned about the transition to a new leader. The paper will try to analyse the reliability of Japan in the vulnerable security architecture of the Indo-Pacific region and the Suga government's willingness to engage actively in the Asian order for democratic values and the rule of law. Though India may not be Suga's top priority, India needs to actively leverage the strengths of the Abe-era partnership to keep it relevant.


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Author Biography

Ashutosh Kumar, O P Jindal Global University, India.

Ashutosh Kumar is Phd scholar with JSIA, O P Jindal Global University, India. He specializes in
Japanese foreign and security policy and is well versed in Japanese language.




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Kumar, A. (2021). Changing Dynamics of Nihon-Indo Diplomatic Ties : : From Shinzo Abe to Yoshihide Suga. Jindal Journal of International Affairs, 9(1), 28–37.