World Order and Shifting Regional Security Landscapes

The U.S. Policies in The South Caucasus


  • Ruben Elamiryan Associate Professor, Russian-Amernian University, Armenia



International Relations in the 21st Century have witnessed a transformation in the Global Order. This has impacted the priorities of the United States in different parts of the world, including the South Caucasus. The paper discusses the US interests in the South Caucasus in the framework of the US ‘Pivot to Asia’ policy and the revised strategy towards Europe and Middle East. It analyses the US National Security Strategy (2017), President Biden’s Interim National Security Strategic Guidance (2021), and other strategic documents, interviews and public speeches, US economic cooperation with the region, as well as quotes expert interviews. The author concludes that the South Caucasus is losing its strategic attractiveness for the US. It is connected with the US policy of strategic refocusing towards the Asia Pacific, decreasing interest towards Caspian energy sources and the withdrawal of US military presence in Afghanistan. However, despite the above, apart from supporting democratic transitions in the region, the US is interested in the region in order to contain Russia, China, and Iran.


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Elamiryan, R. (2023). World Order and Shifting Regional Security Landscapes: The U.S. Policies in The South Caucasus. Jindal Journal of International Affairs, 11(1), 1–20.